Twilight Koji


A mysterious stranger who has become more legend than man, Twilight Koji wanders the lands of Eberron in search of battle. While his combat ability is second to none, rumor has it Koji fights only for the sake of partaking in battle itself.

Koji is completely neutral to the world of man and cares nothing for the politics of the Five Kingdoms or the machinations of the Dragonmarked Houses. Those who have seen him recall only a downcast man slowly, surely, and quietly making his way toward the horizon. Those few who have seen him draw his weapon recall only a thick mist of blood left in his wake.

He does not answer the questions of curious onlookers and responds with lethal violence when he tastes even the slightest tension in the air. Bounties for his head totaled over a million gold pieces almost a decade back, but the respective nations reluctantly canceled them since so many bounty hunters were dying in attempts to claim them. In the decade they were active, the bounty hunting guilds across Khorvaire reported a 100% mortality rating among the over 150 individuals that sought to claim the prize his severed head would fetch. Today, Koji is the only wanted criminal that is allowed passage unhindered through the Five Kingdoms.

Twilight Koji

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