Shards of Eberron


  • Paid 50,000gp to kill a man off picture alone
  • located man, “Messenger”, he gave me the 50,000gp and the pass phrase and told me this was to have me do a job
  • Job — break into Giant city castle vault and steal a huge shard, payment being all that I can carry from the vault, agreed that if not 350,000gp worth of items for me to steal that I would sell him the shard for that amount
  • Messenger teleported me to a meeting spot where I could sneak onto a caravan of slaves bound for the city
  • Decided to pick a strong capable man to help protect me…ended up sitting next to Twilight Koji, convinced him to help me steal things from the vault while I helped him with his mission, kill every Giant
  • We arrive in the city and were taken to slave holding pens, we easily escaped and then sneaked into the castle vault, after disabling 4 fire ball traps in complete stealth we were greeted by two huge white dragons inside the vault—we murdered them, but not before they could raise the alarm



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