Shards of Eberron

Loot off White Dragons

960 PP
9,940 GP
3,600 SP
8,000 CP

sapphire x2 1,000 gp each
emerald x4 1,200 gp each
small diamond x2 700 gp each
large diamond 5,000 gp
star sapphire 5,500 gp
large diamond x2 2,500 gp each
large ruby x2 2,500 gp each

platinum statue of diety 1,300 gp
platinum cauldron with odd symbols 1,100 gp

+1 armor, large sized, w/ bolstering & champion
+2 armor, large sized
+1 weapon
Shatterspike (specific weapon) 4,315 gp
Boots of escape 8,000 gp
Cloak of Arachnida 14,000 gp

SCROLLS: spell level caster level
Symbol of Pain 5th 9th
Stoneskin 4th 7th
Create Undead 6th 11th (used)
Symbol of Weakness 7th 13th



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